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Advantages and disadvantages of teak teak furniture you choose

Teak also known as annatto, teak wood native to Myanmar, Thailand, and India and Indonesia, the Laos, is the main planting species in Southeast Asia, is one of the valuable timber. Teak is known as the "King of trees" in Myanmar, Indonesia is known as "national treasures". High grade teak furniture oil on the surface of rich, feel lubrication is strong; revealing planed smooth on the surface color is through photosynthesis, oxidation and Golden luster; delicate ink-rich.

Teak texture

Teak gloss, teak oil light, uniform in color, texture and straight. Teak structure fiber, medium weight, minimal shrinkage coefficient, is a kind of deformation coefficient in wood, good bending resistance, extremely wear-resistant, in the case of dry and wet weather varies not Alice indehiscent; water-proof, fire-resistant and strong; resistance to termites and the different maritime sea worm food, very resistant. Dry well, good in adhesive, paint, wax, silicone easy blunt knife, processing cutting more difficult. Best grip nails, good comprehensive performance, and recognized the rare species in the world.

Advantages of teak

1, teak is precious, from growth to yield by at least 100 years or more, in a natural environment, the best and only 1 to 5 trees per acre.

2, strong durable teak wood, excellent texture; teak wood has a good resistance to weathering.

Expansion contraction for all 3, the smallest wood.

4, teak wood in a variety of circumstances difficult to deformation, corrosion and cracking.

5, beautiful texture detail: beautiful ink lines, beautiful shadow oil, decorated as a whole constitute a mix of natural texture.

6, oil content is high, the more the smoother.