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Advantages of teak flooring

1, naturally contain heavy oil, moisture, insects, Ant prevention. Teak weathers to chop off a month later, due to improved nutrition, play the role of worms. Especially resistant, teak has illustrations of the Millennium does not.

Micro pinhole 2, solid construction, teak wood flooring both strength and toughness, good stability, properly installed hardwood flooring in two years a large expansion in the winter, up to 3 to 4 mm gaps; summer contracted to play drums, sound easy. Teak wood floors and good stability.

3, color classic, golden brown to dark brown in color, soft shadows of ink lines, gorgeous oil, forming mix of texture, structure, atmosphere, elegant.

4, unique fragrance of teak, pest control ants, acid resistant, alkali-proof, corrosion-proof. Unique flavours have soothing effect on brain in elderly people, promote sleep.

5, timeless, and color over time more and more beautiful.