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Disadvantages of teak

Because of the large demand for teak, teak on the market led to uneven continuingly; black heart Manglietia, Golden teak, gold fish such as teak, pretending to be a teak which does not have the characteristics of teak furniture, there is no hedging and revaluation.

On the market there are many inferior fake teak hardwood, Malaysia teak, Brazil names such as teak and reap huge profits, dubbed iron pummelo, Shaddock Tan, African teak, wood of some black Apple mistakenly called teak King when purchasing teak, consumers must pay attention to English-language name for "TEAK" section called "verbenaceae".

At present, the few teak furniture made of teak on the market, the vast majority of teak teak furniture or is affixed to the framework only, the other part is solid but not teak, there are other parts by density Board, these cannot be called pure teak wood furniture, can be called only furniture using teak wood teak wood furniture.