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How to pick a teak furniture

A, observation

According to the characteristics of teak, genuine teak wood furniture wood is clear, let you feel the natural features. Teak furniture surfaces are very smooth, very very delicate, as if being oil-soaked, while black core Manglietia are more coarse.

Second, we smell

Teak itself off a sour taste, similar to rice after the sour smell, while the black core of Manglietia yuyuanensis law without the smell.

Three, combustion experiment

Take a small piece of dry plate burning, teak wood smoke emissions from heavy and big, and less black core of Manglietia yuyuanensis law.

Four, water drop test

Take a small amount of water is sprinkled on the surface of the furniture, if moisture is not absorbed and a bead-like distribution of teak, water absorption is the black core of Manglietia yuyuanensis law.

Five destructive test

Furniture sheets soaked in water for 24 hours to observe the change if there is distortion, swelling deformation phenomena such as the black core of Manglietia yuyuanensis law, without any change of teak.