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In natural and monoculture plantation

Based on the manufacturing of natural forest and plantation teak floor quality varies greatly. Natural teak wood from growth to yield by at least 50 years, growing slowly, higher density and hardness. Rapid growth prompted the teak Teak plantations, primarily through human technology, shorter growth cycle for more than 10 years to mature, planting begins in the 6th year of thinning. Due to the growth of plantation teak differences such as environment, climate, soil, and greatly reduced the growth cycle, unique to the teak oil-poor, mineral-free or very obscure, such large material shrinkage, easy deformation and corrosion; wood fiber coarseness, density and hardness difference, so there is significantly impaired in stability, toughness, almost without smell teak.

Natural teak wood resources are rare, late 80 's Myanmar teak market annually to increase range of 10% to 15%. Create a teak plantation became the investment hotspot, area in South of China's Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi, Yunnan and other early planting teak trees, introduction and planting teak as early as 1914 in Guangzhou in Guangdong Province, is now on introduction and cultivation of almost 90 years of history. It is not difficult to understand natural teak growing shortage of resources, while the market has a lot of teak floor selling, the price is very cheap. However, relative to the natural fragrance of natural forests and the timber oil-rich features, plantation than many natural roughness.