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Teak flooring overlay effect

Flooring is a semi-finished product, only in place can really become a complete product. Particularly precious teak floor to achieve the desired taste, elegant effect, product segmentation and pavement is critical.

Natural teak wood floors there are unavoidable chromatic aberration problems, if there is no filter, filled with a variety of patterns and colors, very messy, just will not show teak floor should be level. To achieve the best effect of paving, segmentation of texture and color is important, try to minimize chromatic aberration and closest to the texture. But there are not enough base of products and financial strength, it is impossible to classify the teak flooring colors and textures, which is on the market a lot of teak flooring artificial color, the main causes of color, only sufficient strength manufacturers could conduct this screening process.

To make a relatively perfect teak flooring products is needed in every aspect of production, each detail seriously hard to grasp and control. Expects the final choice of each and every customer of our products, from our final overlay effects, find dream feeling and respect when buying experience!