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Teak flooring prices

Teak floor in recent years has shown a rising trend in raw material prices, only the first half of 2010 stock prices increased by a cent. In this floor 5, 6 years prices have been rising, general lines of teak floor from a few years ago, more than 300 yuan/㎡, rise in 2011 to around 700 Yuan/㎡, and as fewer natural forest, many businesses advertise their products are authentic natural forest, but in fact quality is uneven.

Teak wood has a "once owned by generations of benefits" in the world, serves to show the high cost performance. General floor took several years more than 10 years of wear, and teak flooring is durable, color lines more and more beautiful, timeless. Look at those old teak building can see, made of teak Palace, temples, pagodas abound, after hundreds of years or even thousands of years is still well preserved, is very beautiful.

A stereotype is the best quality flooring teak floors, are also the most expensive flooring. Textures, special price to more than 3,000 yuan, or even tens of thousands of Yuan a square, prices are worth the same prices in area and third-tier cities.

In recent years, high prices and rising raw material prices of teak, teak floors are mostly only the affluent can afford, also won the favor of the wealthy, so teak flooring has become a luxury symbol of wealth, even a symbol of high status and taste.