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Teak furniture maintenance

1. dust collection

Frequently dust, it is best to use a clean soft cotton cloth, don't wipe your furniture with a sponge or tableware cleaning equipment. Please use wet and wring out the cloth when dusting, avoid scratching the furniture, while reducing static dust adsorption to remove dust on the surface of the furniture. But moisture residue on furniture surfaces should be avoided, is recommended with a dry cotton cloth to rub it all over again.

2. Cleaning

To remove the furniture's surface by the air of pollutants, when cooking oil fume stains and light residue caused by traces of dedicated furniture cleaner is recommended.

3. wax

In addition to the regular dust outside, surface sometimes relies on wax for teak furniture for further maintenance, to increase the appearance of beauty. Recommend using special wood furniture Polish on furniture for regular maintenance. In addition, never taking the Polish that contains silicone, silicone will not only soften the damage layers, it can clog the pores of the wood, causing difficulties to repair. Often wax layers do not hurt, but we recommend that you only light 1 to 2 times a year. Excessive wax also can be damaged by layer appearance, friction is actually harmful to the matte layer, and in severe cases can lead to uneven gloss furniture surface.

4. decorative hardware

Simply wipe gently with a dry cloth, do not use chemical cleaning agents.