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Teak painting technology

Teak as a precious wood, has many excellent features, most fully demonstrated its production technology is the best of the natural characteristics of the production process. Teak wood flooring it is best not too "whitewash", is also showing "true colors" natural color but more elegant and noble. As we all know, any wooden household products if it is wood, and authentic best raw materials must be used in the first place, not the best quality raw materials are unable to produce the best quality natural products.

By far the best floor paint, surface paint additive, not painted on the back, keeping natural color, flavor and natural characteristics of wood, particularly to identify genuine and fake. Adopt the European third generation roller paint equipment, combining the features of Burma teak and innovative roller paint technology, can the depth permeate the wood fiber and the paint and oil fully integrated, can guarantee the teak floor gloss calm, flexible wear-resistant, full transparency, texture rich icing, compared to pour paint roller paint adhesion superior penetration technology.