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Teak Board The Longer The Color, The More Bright The Color

Teak is known as the "king of million wood", has been the world's luxury palace and senior villas, luxury cruise ships, high yacht, luxury car interior of the first choice of material. Teak - the world's best known floor wood is the only wood that can experience sea water erosion and sun exposure without bending and cracking. Today, the Chinese floor network to take you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the next teak flooring and buy skills, take a look at it!

First, teak flooring introduction

Teak is the world's recognized precious wood, teak made in Thailand and Myanmar. Thailand has been beautifully cut over many years ago teak, so the real teak flooring on the market is mostly imported from Myanmar. Teak is not only a decorative material, but also a value-added goods, is a symbol of luxury and wealth.

Africa and the Americas also produce teak, but because of the climate reasons the material is dry, these made of teak flooring are almost impossible to count the real teak flooring, and some golden pomelo, gold teak, teak king and other title products are not There is, we pay attention to whether or not to be taken when the purchase.

Second, the characteristics of teak flooring

1Teak flooring is rich in oil and iron, can play moisture, anti-all kinds of mosquitoes, especially corrosion-resistant, and even up to thousands of years does not rot. General large-scale buildings are teak decoration, after a hundred years, now seems to be perfect as new

2Excellent stability, micro-pinhole solid structure, the professional drying treatment, so that the strength of teak wood flooring that there are toughness, which is a lot of wood can not match.

3Color classic generous, golden brown to dark brown, very decorative color effect, ink line soft, oily gorgeous, elegant texture of the atmosphere.

4Teak unique mellow, not only play anti-snake mosquitoes, but also warm the nerves of the nerve, to help sleep, great benefit for the elderly.

5Teak floor foot feeling comfortable, highly flexible, and timeless, the longer the color the more bright, is the best in the solid wood flooring.

Third, the advantages and disadvantages of teak flooring

Rich in iron and oil, can drive snakes, insects, rats, ants.

Good stability, the professional drying treatment, the size of stability, is all the dry shrinkage of wood in the smallest deformation of a kind.

Very wear-resistant, with moisture, corrosion, anti-insects, anti-acid and vivid characteristics.

Noble color very decorative effect.

Flexible, comfortable foot feeling, is the best in the solid wood flooring.

Unique mellow, calm the role of the human nervous system.

Four, how to distinguish teak flooring

Because teak flooring material is precious, high profits, many businesses have some miscellaneous wood to pretend to teak flooring, the following to teach you some simple way to identify teak.

1, look teak texture. Really teak flooring has obvious ink lines and oil spots, fake or no ink line or ink line shallow and scattered.

2, smell scent, look feel. Teak will be a special mellow, if a lot of teak put together, then the hall will be full of fragrance, fake teak flooring or no fragrance, or fragrance; teak flooring feels smooth, delicate feel, like oil soaking No, false will not.

3, weigh the weight, see sawdust. Real teak flooring fiber density of 0.67 to 0.73 / cm3, lighter than the rosewood, but heavier than the fir, there is a moderate sense, false is generally heavier; really teak sawdust has a heavy oil, soft, False is dry and loose.

4, water soak, fire burning. The teak flooring into the water soak for 24 hours, if the phenomenon of bending expansion and other phenomena is false teak; take a small sample burning, really teak burning smoke, fake teak smoke less.