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Burma Teakwood Board With Natural, Environmental Protection, Luxury

Burma Teakwood Board is rich in oil, its color and moist, delicate lubrication. According to Burma Teakwood Board different growth environment, different age and different parts of the trunk, usually Burmese teak can be divided into light, medium and dark three, relatively light light yellow, medium color dark yellow, dark color depth Brown, but all Burma Teakwood Board has a common feature, the photosynthetic oxidation can become golden yellow, and over time the color is more brilliant, but the time to change the color has a different length, which is other wood species do not have, But also the characteristics of teak magic, Burma Teakwood Board is the most obvious.

The depth of the color of the teak flooring itself is no quality difference, the consumer can choose according to their own love, but the color deep Burmese teak flooring its oil content will be more, the weight will be heavier, often Dark Burma Teakwood Board flooring mostly based on the old teak, so the color of the red mark on the market Burmese teak flooring its price is relatively more expensive.

Burma Teakwood Board is mostly natural teak, at least need more than 50 years of age, the ring to form a unique natural texture teak, polished surface can be clearly visible beautiful ink lines, ruled, mountain, the pattern, Leopard pattern and other different texture, Burma Teakwood Board flooring lines are natural formation, even with the same lines, there are no two floors of the road will be absolutely the same, so consumers buy Burma Teakwood Board flooring when the lines are very similar, it is possible for man-made lines, mostly false Burma Teakwood Board flooring.

Consumers can choose according to their favorite lines, pavement is relatively more unified and coordinated, the public consumers to buy more straight and the main pattern of the main, cost relative to other lines will be a lot cheaper, with ink line of the floor regardless of Ruled or the text is relatively expensive, which is due to the ink line on behalf of the floor from more than a hundred years old teak, Burma Teakwood Board for the Need for the floor, and mountain and leopard plaque Burma teak flooring due to the material rate is very low, The price will be much higher, of course, Burmese teak flooring sub-lines are not all brands can do, and now only like Mu-year well-known brands such enterprises can do.

Burma Teakwood Board flooring has a strong stability, not easy to deformation, so Burma Teakwood Board flooring can be made into different specifications of the floor, floor width in terms of the width of the standard plate that is 90-100mm, a wide plate that is 116-123mm, That is, more than 145mm width, etc., the length of more specifications, consumers in the purchase of the floor should be based on their own pavement room and area to buy, small size of the optional standard plate to pavement, large area of the choice of wide board to shop Installed, if you like the exquisite type on the choice of short board, if you like the atmosphere of the pavement style to choose long board, of course, choose what specifications model floor need to combine color, lines and pavement, etc., such as parquet flooring for the specified specifications do.

Burma Teakwood Board flooring for the high-end luxury floor, which has a natural, environmentally friendly, luxurious style, so most of the pavement style using straight shop or keel shop in two ways, and keel for the teak keel. In the past the use of deck pavement, because the deck is not environmentally friendly, and not durable, perishable, is no longer used. Such as home to install warm, due to the choice of geothermal dedicated Burma Teakwood Board flooring, and pavement should be used straight shop.