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Teak Resistant To Corrosion, Not Insects

Teak is a tropical tree that requires a higher temperature. Vertical distribution more common in the elevation of 700-800 meters below the low hills and plains.

Teak wood hi tree species, the average annual temperature of 20 ℃ -27 ℃, the absolute low temperature 2 ℃, the annual rainfall of 1100-3800 mm, dry and wet season significantly. Can grow in the sand shale, granite developed into red soil and red soil, hi deep, moist, fertile, well drained soil.

Teak disease has sclerotia root rot, bacterial wilt, rust and so on.

1, mycorrhizal root rot, also known as Sclerotium rollover, more common in the August-September rainy sub-bed seedlings. Prevention and control methods: the implementation of rotation in the nursery school, sick nursery to deep plowing, and remove the source; soil preparation should be soil disinfection, the general application of 25 kg per acre of lime; early onset with 5% lime water or 1% copper sulfate aqueous solution Miao root.

2, bacterial wilt: reference to woody yellow wilt control methods.

3, rust, rust at the seedling or young forest period have occurred. Leaves into a film to produce red big summer spores, positive leaves color yellow or was a small spot, as well as early leaves off. The end of the rainy season to the beginning of the dry season more. Control methods: available 0.3 degrees of lime sulfur mixture, the enemy rust sodium or 25% withered spirit 200 times spray.

4, insects have moths, scale insects and weevils, etc., and the main moths. Moth, in the 6-7 month for the active period. Adult daytime day under the tree or weed, mating at night, spawning on the back or surface of the leaf, larvae stripping the mesophyll, leaving the veins sieve. Leaves the whole leaf and seriously affects the growth. The larvae can be sprayed with 90% fenitrodite emulsion. In the tall trees have been closed, with 621 smoke agent smoked to kill.

Mainly Beetle and leaf insect damage, the Beatles to early and early artificial capture, 5 to 6 months more common; leaf leaf insects are the main natural enemies and black ants. Try not to use pesticides or less, to protect the natural enemies of pests, reduce costs and maintain ecological balance. It is necessary to use pesticides, need to use teak special insecticide.

Teak is the best material for making high-grade furniture, flooring, and interior decoration. Applicable to shipbuilding, open air construction, bridges and so on. A variety of chemical substances have a strong corrosion resistance, it should be for the chemical industry with wood products. In particular, used in the floor, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, shiny bright as new, beautiful patterns, elegant tattoo color, good stability, deformation is small, in fact, the best in the floor. Currently on the market of mahogany furniture, one of which is made of teak. Small size of the logs, the current market price of up to 7000-8000 yuan / cubic meter, large size logs, each cubic meter in more than 10,000 yuan.

Greening Uses: As the precious teak rare, leaves and large, excellent material, the value of large, at this stage in Guangdong, Fujian Province, two provinces have been used for street trees, green plot, garden embellishment and green side by side. Zhangzhou City, "Fairview side" residential area, introduced in 2005-08 teak, as a green tree. 2005-06 Xiamen Gulangyu subtropical plant introduction garden, also introduced teak.

Wood is dense, texture straight, tough and flexible, not Alice does not crack, corrosion-resistant wear, not insects, not rust corrosion, easy to fire, easy processing, for the excellent ship, construction, furniture, Bridges, wharves and inlay board surface and other timber.