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Basic Information About Teak

Teak wood, the name Rouge's blood, Ma Li Jiao, Thai pomelo, Dicotyledon-lipped subclass Lamiaceae Labiatae plants. Teak is a tropical tree, requires a higher temperature, vertical distribution in altitude of 700-800 meters below the low mountains and hills and Plains. Teak in the case of dry and wet weather varies not Alice indehiscent; water-proof, fire-resistant and strong; resistance to termites and the different maritime sea worm food, very resistant. Dry well, good in adhesive, paint, wax, silicone easy blunt knife, processing cutting more difficult. Best grip nails, good comprehensive performance, and recognized the rare species in the world.

Teak is a tropical tall hardwood trees, up to 39-45 meters, diameter at breast height of about 1.5 meters. Bark Brown or gray, four-angled, stellate hairs. Leaves opposite, large ovate or elliptic, densely grayish-yellow star-shaped hairs on the back. Panicles of broad, fall-blooming white flowers, fragrant. Jen Miao Gui pomelo trees tree species in the world;

Hand-rubbed teak blades, are dyed blood-red colored fingers, and it is hard to wash, so called annatto or blood. Suitable temperature: 43-48 c the absolute highest mild 2 degrees absolute minimum temperature.