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Burma Teakwood Board Clean Up Will Be More Convenient

For Burma Teakwood Board solid wood furniture as we have heard is not a lot, but because of the modern people increasingly pay attention to the purchase of environmentally friendly furniture, so solid wood furniture is more popular, then Burma Teakwood Board is one of them, on Burma Teakwood Board how much we know how much The Next to the wood business network Xiaobian to tell you about the advantages of Burma Teakwood Board flooring?

Multi-function washing machine, suction vacuum cleaner, high-speed polishing machine, air dryer, wax drag or tiger folder, towels, water presses, work signs and wipes and so on.

High-speed polished pasta, bottom wax, no wax, ground cleaner, all-purpose water, neutral detergent.

Burma Teakwood Board flooring without paint can be directly waxing, the general use of hand-hot wax, which is paraffin, also known as pouring wax. First, the floor wax after high temperature melting, the temperature maintained at 80 to 100 degrees or so, and then the corresponding tool will be directly poured on the Burma Teakwood Board flooring, wax oil absorbed by the floor after the deep into the floor, and then after high temperature hot Plate or high temperature iron and hot or repair the floor surface. So that the surface of the Burma Teakwood Board flooring to no joints, no trace of the effect, and then polished, and finally to the effect of light as a mirror, so Burma Teakwood Board floor waxing finished.

Burma Teakwood Board flooring after the effective protection of the floor surface is not damaged, not natural weathering, to extend the service life.

Floor waxing can increase the gloss of the floor, so that the visual effect of the floor more beautiful, shiny.

Smoothing is also important.

After the waxing Burma Teakwood Board flooring clean up will be more convenient

1, Burma Teakwood Board wood plate shop to complete the wax, not deep grinding. Grind to no barbarian feel smooth.

2, because the Burma Teakwood Board should not be deep grinding (no more than 8 silk), if improper operation, polished too deep 'hair' phenomenon must not be directly waxing, to give enough oxidation time, color uniform after waxing.

3, such as the gap between the larger floor, polished Burma Teakwood Board flooring powder mixed with liquid wax after caulking, and then wax.

4, the first pass with 240, 280 sand skin (also available No. 0 sand), the first sand again, feel smooth.

5, with wool brush brush bottom wax (seal wax or crystal bottom wax), to do a thin brush on a layer, you can cross the first brush, and then homeopathy again.

6, wait about an hour after the wax drying and then sand again, the dust and wood chips clean, and then brush the second time at the end of wax, so continuous brush three to five times (each brush once again playing sand). Note: sand must be sand off the floor of the barbs on the floor but can not go to the wax sand.

7, above the wax, about an hour left to be wax drying, and then wax, so continuous brush three to five times. Until the wax liquid completely dry before.

Burma Teakwood Board floor waxing has a long history, has been formed in foreign decoration concept, in the country began at the end of the century, foreign colonists will Burma Teakwood Board flooring and floor waxing decoration concept into the country, has been in use ever since. Facts have also proved that the Burma Teakwood Board floor waxing brings the perfect effect, also shows that Burma Teakwood Board flooring is more suitable for waxing.