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Burma Teakwood Board Water Resistance, Fire Resistance

Burma Teakwood Board (Latin name Tectona grandis L.F.) Common name rouge wood, blood tree, Mali, Thai pomelo, for the dicotyledon tree-shaped abaxially lipstick labiaceae. Teak is a tropical tree species, requiring a higher temperature, vertical distribution more common in the elevation of 700-800 meters below the low hills and plains. Teak in the sun and rain dries wet and wet changes in the case of large cracks do not crack; water resistance, fire resistance; to resist termites and different seabirds of the sea insects, very decay resistance. Dry performance, glue, paint, waxing performance is good, relatively small hardness of wood, cutting processing is not difficult, but because of silicone oil easily blunt knife.

Burma Teakwood Board is rich in oil, its color and moist, delicate lubrication. According to Burma Teakwood Board different growth environment, different age and different parts of the trunk, usually Burmese teak can be divided into light, medium and dark three, relatively light light yellow, medium color dark yellow, dark color depth Brown, but all Burma Teakwood Board has a common feature, the photosynthetic oxidation can become golden yellow, and over time the color is more brilliant, but the time to change the color has a different length, which is other wood species do not have, But also the characteristics of teak magic, Burma Teakwood Board is the most obvious.

The depth of the color of the teak flooring itself is no quality difference, the consumer can choose according to their own love, but the color deep Burmese teak flooring its oil content will be more, the weight will be heavier, often Dark Burma Teakwood Board flooring mostly based on the old teak, so the color of the red mark on the market Burmese teak flooring its price is relatively more expensive.

Thailand, Myanmar produced teak quality is very high, because Thailand has prohibited cutting down teak, so the production of teak-based Myanmar. Teak is a national treasure of Myanmar, the world recognized one of the precious species, Burma Teakwood Board flooring with anti-corrosion, pest control, anti-acid effect, not easy to deformation, but also with natural mellow. Together with Xiaobian to see Burma Teakwood Board floor maintenance method bar.

Burma Teakwood Board floor maintenance method

First, the usual should be noted that can not use heavy objects or hard objects beat or fall on the floor, move the furniture do not push and pull, so as not to rub the floor cracks. It is best not to wear high heels and hard shoes in the interior of Burma Teakwood Board flooring.

Second, the general new Burma Teakwood Board flooring can not be long exposure to sunlight, it is best to hang shade better curtain fabric, so as to avoid direct sunlight and color, but also to prevent the paint surface oxidation.

Third, do not use essential oils, liquid wax and other floor maintenance products, so as not to damage Burma Teakwood Board itself natural oily.

Fourth, to regularly open the window ventilation, adjust the indoor air humidity, to prevent the wood floor flooding.