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Burma Teakwood Board With Anti-corrosion, Pest Control, Anti-acid

Thailand, Myanmar produced Burma Teakwood Board quality is very high, because Thailand has prohibited cutting down Burma Teakwood Board, so the production of Burma Teakwood Board-based Myanmar. Burma Teakwood Board is a national treasure of Myanmar, the world recognized one of the precious species, Burma Burma Teakwood Boardwood Board with anti-corrosion, pest control, anti-acid effect, not easy to deformation, but also with natural mellow. Together with Xiaobian to see Myanmar Burma Teakwood Board floor maintenance method bar.

Myanmar Burma Teakwood Board floor maintenance method

First, the usual should be noted that can not use heavy objects or hard objects beat or fall on the floor, move the furniture do not push and pull, so as not to rub the floor cracks. It is best not to wear high heels and hard shoes in the interior of Burma Burma Teakwood Boardwood Board.

Second, the general new Burma Burma Teakwood Boardwood Board can not be long exposure to sunlight, it is best to hang shade better curtain fabric, so as to avoid direct sunlight and color, but also to prevent the paint surface oxidation.

Third, do not use essential oils, liquid wax and other floor maintenance products, so as not to damage Myanmar Burma Teakwood Board itself natural oily.

Fourth, to regularly open the window ventilation, adjust the indoor air humidity, to prevent the wood floor flooding.

Burma Teakwood Board has a domineering title "King of Woods", Burma Teakwood Board flooring is considered one of the best flooring in the world, it is also widely used in luxury villas, yachts, palaces, star hotels, etc., is also the only Can withstand the seawater immersion and exposure does not occur deformation and cracking of high quality timber.

First, the Burma Teakwood Board can moisture, pest control anti-ants, Burma Teakwood Board, there are thousands of years of non-rot examples, corrosion is a major bright spot.

Second, the Burma Teakwood Board solid wood flooring is more stable, there are other wood materials do not have the strength and toughness, ordinary wood materials will follow the temperature changes and produce thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in large slits, easy to sound; Burma Teakwood Board flooring This can be assured.

Third, the color of Burma Teakwood Board is very classic, soft ink lines, texture structure mix, it is particularly elegant atmosphere, the texture is very clear but rich changes, bring a gorgeous visual enjoyment.

Four, fresh and light is unique Burma Teakwood Board mellow, not only pest control ant, sleep Burma Teakwood Board faint mellow is more able to create a unique comfort situation, the elderly in the brain have a soothing effect, better promote sleep.

Five, Burma Teakwood Board there is a kind of anti-attack characteristics, the life of ordinary wood material is not long, and Burma Teakwood Board is timeless, the longer the use of its color will become more and more beautiful, which also frees us from changing the building materials Trouble, in a sense, more savings in our resources.

1, look at the texture. Really Burma Teakwood Board flooring has obvious ink lines and oil spots; fake Burma Teakwood Board flooring or no ink lines or ink lines are light and scattered. Mature Burma Teakwood Board age at least 50 years or more, the ring to form a unique natural texture of Burma Teakwood Board, polished surface clearly visible beautiful ink lines, ruled, mountain, the pattern, leopard pattern and other different texture, are naturally formed, even if the same Kind of lines, there are no two floors of the lines will be absolutely the same. So everyone in the purchase of Burma Teakwood Board flooring when the lines are very similar, there may be human factors, mostly imitation Burma Teakwood Board flooring.

2, hand touch Really Burma Teakwood Board flooring feels slippery, feel very delicate, as if the oil soaked; and fake Burma Teakwood Board flooring is very rough.

3, smell the smell. The Burma Teakwood Board flooring emits a special scent, and if the Burma Teakwood Board comes in, it smells the fragrance, and the fragrance smells very comfortable; the fruity is five flavors or irritating.

4, weigh the weight. True Burma Teakwood Board flooring is lighter than rosewood, but heavier than cauliflower, there is moderate feeling; and fake Burma Teakwood Board flooring is generally heavy.

5, dripping test. Drop of water in the Burma Teakwood Board floor of the paintless, real Burma Teakwood Board flooring on the water bead-like distribution will not penetrate; and fake Burma Teakwood Board flooring on the water will slowly penetrate. When wiping the water stains with a paper towel, you will find that the water on the Burma Teakwood Board flooring will not penetrate and the oily surface is smooth and the water will dry up quickly and leave no trace; and the fake Burma Teakwood Board flooring is due to the infiltration of water and the surface Rough, water stains do not dry, and there are scraps of paper;

6, see sawdust. In the floor to install the link is better to identify, really Burma Teakwood Board flooring sawdust has a heavy oil, pinch when there is soft feeling, and fake Burma Teakwood Board flooring sawdust is dry and loose;