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Characteristics Of Teak

Vertical distribution in altitude of 700-800 meters below the low mountains and hills and Plains. Teak-intolerant tree species, origin of the annual average temperature is 20 c-27 c absolute low temperature 2 c, annual rainfall is 1100-3800 mm, dry and wet season is obvious. Strong positive tree can grow in sandstone and shale, granite into on the red soil and Crimson soil, deep, moist, fertile, well-drained soil. Without low temperature and Frost (-1 c-2 c), shallow roots, Crown, vulnerable to wind damage, sheltered places to plant. Teak growing rapidly, sprouting ability, cutting after regeneration. Tree height can be up to 50 metres, and diameter at breast height of 2.5 meters. Straight trunk. Small four-angled. Leaves simple, decussate leaves, obovate, wide oval or round. Flowers arranged in large inflorescences terminal or axillary, Calyx campanulate in shape, 5~6 short crack, when expanded, ovate or pot-shaped fruit spherical, densely covered with rusty hairs, hidden within a persistent membranous sepals.

Teak wood: teak gloss, the best from Myanmar, teak oil light, uniform in color, texture and straight. From teak clear texture of ink (or blood vein) and grease spots, ink line distribution and smaller more representative higher oil quality, better quality, age, the greater, the higher density, ring stress and irregular distortions, renders gods like after cutting beautiful patterns, beautiful detail, is what experts call a face. Teak structure fiber, medium weight, minimal shrinkage coefficient, from raw materials to radial shrinkage rate 2.2%, string 4%, is a kind of deformation coefficient in wood, good bending resistance, extremely wear-resistant, air dry density for 0.65g/cm3 (dry wood mass of about 650 kg/m 3). In the case of dry and wet weather varies not Alice indehiscent; water-proof, fire-resistant and strong; resistance to termites and the different maritime sea worm food, very resistant. Dry well, good in adhesive, paint, wax, silicone easy blunt knife, processing cutting more difficult. Best grip nails, good comprehensive performance, and recognized the rare species in the world.