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Keeping And Maintenance Of Teak Furniture

Teak for million wood of King, world precious species, in Thailand, and Indonesia, country said "country tree", teak is rich in oil, natural has moisture, and anti-insect, and anti-Ant, and anti-corrosion of magic effect, lasting durable, stability very strong, easily deformation, and elastic good, feet sense comfortable, by photosynthesis oxidation Hou its color into Golden, very rich decorative effect, is wood continental furniture in the of Acura, more is door, and stairs, and Cabinet and the various furniture of ideal wood. So what determines quality Indonesian teak furniture it? are:

Teak raw materials must after 3-5 years do natural health makes wood full adapted different season climate environment, reached stable state rear can for processing products, but due to teak for world precious species, price expensive, no strength of enterprise cannot itself procurement raw materials to reserves, most enterprise take temporary to wood market procurement blank to processing, and wood market of blank cannot ensure enough of health time, natural effect products quality.