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Method Of Identifying The Teak

Teak natural forest growth cycle is long, oily foot, high density, luster is golden yellow, timber for at least 50 years, born in 70 teak diameter only 40 available heartwood but around 35 cm, is expensive. Timber price in the country of origin also million Yuan more than a cubic (50). Heartwood is equivalent to a minimum of 20,000 or more. 30,001 and shipped to China at least once about cube.

Teak plantations short growth cycle, the oily small, low density, color pale, timber, usually around 10-20. Born in 20 small teak sometimes reaching 50 teak ø 30-35 cm. 10 small teak 20 cm in diameter. Timber price in the country of origin is very cheap. 10 small teak does not exceed 2000. Born in 20 small teak does not exceed 4,000. Generally do not distinguish between heart and sapwood. Shipped to China after about 8,100 cubic meters or so.