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Properties Of Teak

Teak gloss, the best from South-East Asia, teak oil light, uniform in color, texture and straight. Teak structure fiber, medium weight, minimal shrinkage coefficient, from raw materials to radial shrinkage rate 2.2%, string 4%, is a kind of deformation coefficient in wood, good bending resistance, extremely wear-resistant, air dry density for 0.65g/cm3 (dry wood mass of about 650 kg/m 3).

In the case of dry and wet weather varies not Alice indehiscent; water-proof, fire-resistant and strong; resistance to termites and the different maritime sea worm food, very resistant. Drying performance is good, good adhesive, paint, wax, silicone easy blunt knife, processing must be wearing a mask to prevent Silicon powder into the lungs causing silicosis, processing, cutting more difficult. Best grip nails, good comprehensive performance, and recognized the rare species in the world, enjoy the "King of trees" in the world.