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Teak Board Anti-pest Control Ant, Anti-acid And Alkali

Teak Board is a subtropical tree species, with oily luster, material color uniformity, texture through straight, medium weight, dry shrinkage coefficient is very small, is the smallest deformation coefficient of wood to Myanmar for the best.

Because Teak Board contains very heavy oil, can keep its deformation, and with a fragrance, insect pests, is the production of high-grade furniture, good material.

Teak Board to do the big board, anti-bending good, very wear-resistant, not Alice does not crack, strong water resistance, strong decay resistance, anti-termite and other insects, comprehensive strong, suitable for the production of high-grade furniture, recognized by the world Of the valuable species.

In addition Teak Board large board polished surface color, a long time will be oxidized into a beautiful golden yellow, compared to other large board in the large board, Teak Board plate color

It is more bright, can be described as a large plate of white Fu Mei, and even some people say that Teak Board is the king of million wood.

Teak Board is one of the world's most expensive species, Teak Board, also known as rouge wood, Teak Board native to Myanmar, Thailand, India and Indonesia, Laos and so on. Teak Board is known as the "king of million wood" in Burma, Indonesia is known as the "national treasure", good Teak Board surface rich in fat, feel lubrication, the surface of the smooth surface through the photosynthesis, oxidation into a golden luster , Ink line fine rich.

1, the best choice of brand. Processing Myanmar Teak Board Board no more than 10 years of experience accumulated difficult to do, buy Myanmar Teak Board Board you better choose at least 10 years operating brand, this brand general processing technology and quality are guaranteed. The same time as the above-

2, quality should be guaranteed. Teak Board is different from other species, processing Myanmar Teak Board Board is a very complex project, many manufacturers because the equipment is not in place, experience is not enough, coupled with raw materials can not guarantee that the product quality can not be guaranteed.

3, to see the Teak Board Board to identify, observe the smooth surface of the floor, Teak Board Board surface is very smooth, feel very delicate, as if the oil soaked, and black core Mangliu is more rough.

4, through the smell to buy Teak Board Board, Teak Board itself distributed a sour, similar to the smell of food after the rancid, and black core wood no such smell. The same time as the above-

5, drop, from the water to drop two drops of water on the fake Teak Board Board, the water is quickly absorbed, and drops in the real Teak Board floor without paint, Teak Board Board water is slow, almost no water.

6, mature Teak Board age at least 50 years, the ring to form a unique natural texture Teak Board, polished surface can be clearly visible beautiful ink lines, ruled, mountain, the pattern, the Leopard pattern of different textures, are natural formation, Even if the same pattern, there are no two floors of the lines will be absolutely the same. So everyone in the purchase of Teak Board Board when the lines are very similar, there may be human factors, mostly false Teak Board Board.

One, how about Teak Board Board

First, naturally contains a heavy oil, can moisture, pest control, anti-ants. Teak Board cut down a month later, due to the change in nutrition is to play the role of anti-fine denim Teak Board Board real map insects. Also particularly resistant to decay, Teak Board has thousands of years without rotting examples.

Second, the micro-pinhole solid structure, the Teak Board solid wood flooring both strength and toughness, good stability, the normal hardwood floor installed two years in winter there will be a greater expansion, the gap of 3 to 4 mm; Shrink from the drum, easy to sound. Teak Board solid wood flooring is good.

Third, the color of the classic, golden brown to dark brown, soft ink line, Ban Lan's shadow, the formation of thousands of texture structure, atmosphere, elegant.

Fourth, Teak Board unique mellow, anti-pest control anti-acid, anti-acid, anti-corrosion. Unique scent of the brain in the elderly have soothing effect, to promote sleep.

Fifth, timeless, the color becomes more beautiful over time.