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Teak Board Decorative Effect Is Very Rich And Magnificent

First, good stability

Teak Board made of furniture, flooring, wooden doors, outdoor products, ships, large wooden buildings with superior stability, water resistance, and not easy to arch deformation, easy maintenance, which is a lot of other wood can not match.

Second, the benefits of physical and mental

Teak Board unique mellow not only play anti-snake insects, but also soothe the nerves, improve sleep.

Three, beautiful and noble

Teak Board golden brown, luster strong, elegant color, beautiful ink lines, gorgeous shadow, constitute the natural texture of Teak Board, is particularly noble, beautiful, elegant, decorative effect is very rich and magnificent.

Four, long use period

Teak Board oil and iron, can play moisture, pest control, not long white ants, especially corrosion-resistant, and even reached the Millennium does not rot.

Five, hedging and value-added

Teak Board is a world-class luxury wood, because the wood is stable, beautiful texture, soft color and has a waterproof pest control moth anti-corrosion performance for the Teak Board to win the king of the king of the name.

Today's Chinese returnees and petty bourgeoisie recognize the potential value of Teak Board, the international and domestic market demand, coupled with the now rich Teak Board of the Southeast Asian countries to prohibit the export of Teak Board logs and wooden side, now Teak Board products as a value-added Merchandise to collection.

Mahogany is the traditional Chinese luxury wood, divided into five categories of three thirty kinds of three kinds of traditional three kinds of mahogany: Hainan pear, Indian lobular red sandalwood, Laos red acid almost disappeared, are valuable, other such as: Africa Pear, pear, etc., really fake muddy, people fog in the flower, the price from thousands of cubic per fried to tens of thousands or even tens of thousands, the price is greater than the value of the huge risk of the bubble, collection prospects worrying.

At this stage collection of Teak Board is the ideal investment channel, both home use and value-added space.

"Old Teak Board, expensive as gold". In the eyes of the Europeans, its value is like pear, rosewood in China has a supreme position. Traveled every museum in Europe, the number of rare Teak Board furniture was treasured, as a treasure. Even in Europe, such as the European power, Teak Board is very rare and valuable. Because the Europeans are particularly fond of Teak Board, and Teak Board rare, so grant her "king of wood" in the world. Europeans like to use Teak Board in luxury yacht luxury cars.

Because it is too rare, for a long time Teak Board resources have been monopolized by the Dutch, in other countries, Teak Board is not used to make a lot of furniture, but like ivory, gold, was used for solid wood mosaic. Today, this tradition still exists. Famous luxury brand Rolls-Royce in their centuries-old models, without hesitation to use the whole Teak Board as an interior. And known as off-road vehicles in the Rolls-Royce Land Rover, has also used Teak Board as a top accessories used in the flagship model. The noble location of Teak Board is thus visible.