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Teak Board Density And Hardness Is High, Easy To Wear

The world recognized the famous precious wood, of which Thailand, Myanmar for the best, because Thailand has been prohibited cutting, so the Myanmar Teak Board for the top grade.

Teak Board growing slowly, its density and hardness is high, easy to wear.

Teak Board is rich in iron and oil, this iron and oil makes it difficult to deformation, and with a special flavor, can drive snakes, insects, rats, ants, maggots.

Teak Board beautiful ink lines, gorgeous ointment constitute a unique natural texture. Even more amazing is the color of Teak Board can be oxidized by photosynthesis golden brown, and the color with the extension of time and more beautiful.

In China, the most prosperous places on the beach those long beautiful buildings, such as HSBC, customs building, peace hotel, are used Myanmar Teak Board decoration, although after a century of vicissitudes, but still intact, bright as new.

In India and Myanmar, Thailand, some palace temples in the beam even more than a thousand years is still intact.

Teak Board is the only sheet that will not bend and crack under seawater erosion and sun exposure. For centuries, Teak Board has been considered by cruisers as the world's most durable wood.

In the ocean climate, the metal will be corroded, wood and metal nail together will oxidize black, but Teak Board has a natural oily will not happen this situation. The yacht deck made with Teak Board, the window sill, the door frame, the forming plate and the flooring material all show its eternal and lasting characteristics.

The current era of Teak Board flooring to become the trend of the flooring sector, but fake is more and more, the following to say how to identify true and false Teak Board flooring.

1, look at the texture. Really Teak Board flooring oil obvious ink lines and oil spots, fake Teak Board flooring or no ink lines or ink lines shallow and scattered;

2, personally touch Really Teak Board flooring feels like a slippery touch is very delicate, as if the oil soaked; and false Teak Board flooring is very rough;

3, smell the smell. The Teak Board flooring emits a special scent, and if the Teak Board is large or even the whole hall is Teak Board, then it will smell the smell, and the fragrance smells very comfortable: the fake Teak Board flooring is either incense or unpleasant Of ignorance:

4, weigh the weight, real Teak Board floor fiber density of 0,67 to 0,73 / cm3, lighter than the rosewood, but heavier than the fir, there is a moderate sense; and false Teak Board flooring each common emphasis;

5, water test. Drop the water in the Teak Board flooring without paint, the real Teak Board flooring on the water bead-like distribution will not penetrate; and fake Teak Board flooring on the water will be fast or slow penetration (Teak Board flooring rich in oil, water and oil Is incompatible, so really Teak Board flooring water is not absorbed into bead-like distribution). When wiping the water with a paper towel, you will find that the water on the Teak Board flooring will not penetrate and the plate is oily and smooth, the water will dry up quickly and leave no trace; and the fake Teak Board flooring has penetrated and has a rough surface , Water ulcers do not dry, and there are scraps of paper;

6, see sawdust, in the floor to install the link is better to identify, really Teak Board flooring sawdust has a heavy oil, pinch when there is soft feeling and false Teak Board flooring sawdust is dry and loose;

7, water immersion, the floor into the water soak for 24 hours after the change of its observation, without any change is really Teak Board flooring: If the distortion occurs the main expansion and other deformation of the phenomenon, then fake Teak Board flooring;

8, fire burning. With a devastating test, the general store has a Teak Board flooring sample, take a small piece of dry floor for burning, really Teak Board than the board of smoke and thick and large fake Teak Board flooring is less.