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Teak Board The Longer The Time, The Brighter The Color

Teak is a tropical tree, also known as Rouge tree, purple Teak, blood tree, fat tree, purple oil wood , Buried Mulberry, hardwood tree, stone salt, ring hole tree, known as "Million Wood King." Teak originated in Burma, Thailand, India and Indonesia, Laos, etc., is the main afforestation species in Southeast Asia, is also one of the world's valuable timber. is also one of the world famous rare wood species, belonging to the world's highest level of recognition of valuable wood. In Burma, Indonesia is known as "national treasures",Teak Board Europe has an old saying: "Teak, expensive as gold." In the eyes of people who like European classical furniture, the value of old teak, like the yellow pear, rosewood in Chinese furniture in the leading position.

The best thing about the market Burmese teak, authentic Burmese teak grease is very high, the original color of teak is more biased in brown, not everyone usually see the golden. Teak floor surface color is the oxidation of photosynthesis through the golden yellow, and the color of the extension of time and more beautiful, the difference between the general solid wood floor length of the old matte, Teak Board such as jade-like long-term use, not only will not lose luster, and the more beautiful, the new day.

Sufficient sunlight, sufficient photosynthesis is the key to ensure the uniformity of the color of the teak floor. Clear weather and vast venues are important guarantees for the production of Teak Board. The market on the color of the Burmese Teak Board, is omitted this link or not to grasp the resulting.

Teak after drying out of the floor color more full, three-dimensional color obviously stable level sense of color is very strong, the overall effect of the paving is obvious, and anti-ultraviolet, not easy to fade, is the best choice for mansion decoration.

Teak Sun is very exquisite, on the one hand, the sun must be the process of watering the teak, on the other hand, the sun time to grasp the right, how many days is appropriate and not a fixed number, because every day the sunshine coefficient is different, winter and summer is a great difference, Teak Board in the case of Sunny, Spring and summer sun is generally 10-15 days, autumn and winter sun is generally 20-30 days, so out of the Teak Board is the most beautiful. Bask in, time cost, product bad rate all raise, the cost also increases correspondingly; the sun is not enough, although the cost savings, but the plate surface color is not uniform, oxidation is not in place, the product does not have a natural rounded effect, product quality has also declined, sales naturally will not be good, we will also reduce the credibility of This is a bigger loss for an enterprise.

1 Teak Board is rich in oil and iron, can play moisture-proof, prevent all kinds of mosquitoes, especially corrosion resistance, can even reach the millennium without decay. Generally large-scale old buildings such as HSBC, customs buildings, etc. are teak decoration, after a century, now seems to be intact as new.

2, excellent stability, micro-pinhole solid structure, after professional drying treatment, so that the teak wood flooring has strength and toughness, this is a lot of wood can not be compared.

3, color Classic generous, golden brown to dark brown, the color is extremely rich decorative effect, ink soft, oil shadow beautiful, texture atmosphere elegant.

4, teak-specific mellow, not only play a mosquito-proof mouse, but also to warm the nerves of people, to help sleep, the elderly have great benefits.

5, teak floor feet feel comfortable, very flexible, and timeless, the longer the time, the brighter the color, is the real wood floor of the Acura.