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Teak Board Warm, Healthy Home Environment

Teak Board is a tropical tree species, also known as rouge tree, purple Teak Board, blood tree, fat tree, purple oil wood (Yunnan), buried mulberry (Dai translation), hardwood tree (Ming name translation), stone salt, ring tree, known as "King of wood". Teak Board origin of Myanmar, Thailand, India and Indonesia, Laos, etc., is the main afforestation tree species in Southeast Asia, is one of the world's precious timber. Is one of the world famous famous wood species, belonging to the world's highest degree of awareness of the precious timber. In Myanmar, Indonesia is known as the "national treasure", Europe also has an old saying: "old Teak Board, expensive as gold." In the eyes of people who like European classical furniture, the old Teak Board value, like the pear, rosewood in the Chinese furniture in the leading position.

1, the best choice of brand. Processing Myanmar Teak Board no more than 10 years of accumulated experience is difficult to do, buy Myanmar Teak Board flooring you better choose at least 10 years operating brand, this brand general processing technology and quality are guaranteed. In the case of

2, quality should be guaranteed. Teak Board is different from other species, processing Myanmar Teak Board is a very complex project, many manufacturers because the equipment is not in place, experience is not enough, coupled with raw materials can not guarantee that the product quality can not be guaranteed.

3, to see the Teak Board to identify, observe the smooth surface of the floor, Teak Board surface is very smooth, feel very delicate, as if the oil soaked, and black core Mangli is more rough.

4, through the smell to buy Teak Board, Teak Board itself distributed a sour, similar to the smell of food after the rancid, and black core wood no such smell. In the case of

5, drop, from the water to drop two drops of water on the fake Teak Board, the water is quickly absorbed, and drops in the real Teak Board floor without paint, Teak Board absorbs water slowly, almost no water.

6, mature Teak Board age at least 50 years, the ring to form a unique natural texture Teak Board, polished surface can be clearly visible beautiful ink lines, ruled, mountain, the pattern, the leopard pattern of different textures, are natural formation, Even if the same pattern, there are no two floors of the lines will be absolutely the same. So everyone in the purchase of Teak Board when the lines are very similar, there may be human factors, mostly false Teak Board.

Teak Board sun to do after the color is more full, three-dimensional color is clearly a strong sense of color level, the overall effect of the installation of bright, and anti-ultraviolet, not fade, is the best choice for luxury decoration.

Teak Board as a solid wood flooring top grade, in mainland China before the main hotel for the renovation of the hotel villa, with the improvement of living standards, Teak Board foot comfort, Dongnuanxialiang, health and other characteristics of the people gradually meet the comfort Warm, healthy home environment, has now become the focus of home improvement selection.

With the pursuit of higher quality of life, Teak Board will become the protagonist of the flooring market.