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Teak Both Strength And Toughness, Good Stability

Teak is also called the Rouge tree, Teak Origin Burma, Thailand, India and Indonesia, Laos, etc., is the main afforestation tree species in Southeast Asia, but also one of the world's valuable timber.

Teak is known as "The King of the Million", in Burma, Indonesia is called "National treasures." High-grade teak furniture on the surface of rich oil, feel strong lubrication; the surface is smooth color is through photosynthesis, oxidize and become golden luster; ink delicate and rich.

Teak, also known as oil wood, purple teak, rouge tree, known as the King of the Million, is the world famous valuable wood species.

Teak furniture, in theory, belong to and mahogany furniture, the same valuable hardwood furniture, but because the current China does not produce teak, so the Chinese people on the teak furniture recognition is not deep. High-grade teak furniture on the surface of rich oil, feel strong lubrication; the surface is smooth color is through photosynthesis, oxidize and become golden luster; ink delicate and rich.

Teak furniture on the market is made of all teak; a large number is only teak frame furniture or is affixed to the teak skin, the other part is solid wood but not teak, and some other parts by the density board, this can not be called pure teak wood furniture, only the whole furniture are used teak solid wood can be called teak solid wood furniture.

According to teak quality can be divided into a, B, C and other categories of teak furniture, a type of teak furniture that is the initial forest old teak made of teak furniture. In the teak furniture breed This kind is the material which belongs to the high-grade teak furniture which will not use sapwood. In the teak furniture variety This choice is the best information, its color texture is very good. So its quote is very expensive.

In the type B of teak furniture, the teak is usually used in the cultivated forest. Because of the different materials used in this kind of teak furniture variety, it is necessary to undergo a series of dyeing processes. The ability to reach the same color as the whole inside and outside. This kind of quotation is relatively cheaper than a.

In teak furniture, this class C furniture is usually used in teak, so the furniture in this kind of elm furniture is selected in the other wood. This type of teak furniture is almost the same as what we call the B-class furniture, the main thing is to pass the inside of the material to distinguish.

The teak furniture in the rest of the teak furniture variety has no value other than the value of its use. The most common is the modern style of teak furniture, the outside most of the time is the use of small teak is integrated, and the inside is the use of other raw materials of wood, in all the teak furniture varieties quote is the cheapest.

From the use of teak, teak furniture can be divided into the following: all teak furniture, from head to toe of all teak furniture is very rare.

Because the teak trunk is fine, it is unfavorable for large area manufacture. The cost of all teak is very expensive, for collectors and economic excellent people will think about procurement; teak furniture, the inner layer of 80% for the lower hardness of wood, the outer lacquer with teak golden luster. Teak-Skin furniture, teak-skin furniture, the use of teak logs, but the appearance of the use of teak-tree-skin teak furniture, with teak natural ink and oil-striped road.


1, teak itself contains natural pomelo fragrance, can effectively purify the air, relieve tension and ease the rest and sleep.

2, delicate texture: beautiful ink, beautiful oil shadow, the overall decoration after the formation of a variety of natural textures. Teak wood is firm and durable with excellent texture: teak has good weathering resistance. Teak with high corrosion resistance, in all kinds of climate is not easy to deformation, easy to construction and many other advantages.

3, high oil content, longer time will be smoother: Teak furniture surface is very delicate and oily, to protect the brightness of the furniture, make it bright and lasting. Teak is not easy to deform, corrode and crack in all kinds of environment, teak solid wood floor has strength and toughness, good stability.

4, shrinkage rate is small, it is not easy to leak, expansion shrinkage for all the smallest wood.

5, the longer the use of the color will be golden: its smooth surface color is oxidized by photosynthesis and golden yellow, the color of the extension of time more beautiful.