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Teak Stability, Strong, Easy To Deformation

Teak is the king of million wood, the world famous tree species, in Thailand, Indonesia and other countries, said the "national tree", teak rich in oil, natural moisture, pest control, anti-ants, anti-corrosion magic effect, durable, Easy to deformation, and good elasticity, comfortable foot feeling, after the oxidation of its color after the oxidation into a golden yellow, very decorative effect, is the solid wood European furniture in the best, is the door, stairs, cabinets and a variety of furniture, the ideal wood The So what factors determine Myanmar teak furniture quality? There are:


Teak material must go through 3-5 years to do natural health so that the wood fully adapt to different seasonal climate environment, to stabilize the state before being used for processing products, but because teak is the world's valuable tree species, expensive, no strength of the enterprise can not purchase raw materials to reserve , Most companies take temporary to the timber market to purchase blanks to process, and the timber market billet can not ensure adequate health time, the natural impact of product quality.


Teak billet need to open the natural drying, and the general factory are using boiled or high temperature drying, which is teak taboo, because teak is the most valuable teak oil, a burden after high temperature boiled, It will teak its own oil to cook out, so there is no grease, in fact, the performance of teak itself has been destroyed and ordinary solid wood almost, and therefore affect the quality. This processing of teak products, the use of ten years later, teak oil itself will not be oxidized out.


Teak furniture in the processing process requires artificial oxidation, in the natural light under the artificial drying board or sprinkler operations, the teak furniture color into golden yellow, non-professional teak processing plant can not provide enough space for artificial oxidation, drying board technology is difficult to get To ensure that furniture color is poor, bleak, affecting the quality of teak furniture;


Natural teak furniture texture is clear, according to the lines are divided into ink lines, ruled, pattern, mountain, leopard plaques and other seven lines, no strength of the enterprise can not provide customers with lines classification, and teak according to different purposes must Application of a specific pattern in order to protect product quality.

Color difference

Teak is usually virgin forest old teak, according to the root, the trunk of different parts of the natural color is divided into red color, yellow color and blue color three, if the owner in the blank market to buy processing, will be able to distinguish between color, Making the furniture color difference, affecting the overall visual effects and quality.

Daily care

Teak furniture due to the special material and superior characteristics, so generally do not need special daily care, do not need to wipe any care, cleaning fluid, just usually with water soaked cloth can be cleaned.