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Teak Strong Stability

The world recognized the famous precious wood, among them Thailand, Myanmar is the best, because Thailand has banned felling, so take Miandian teak as top grade.

The growth of teak is slow, its density and hardness are high, and it is not easy to wear

Teak is rich in iron and oil, this iron and oil makes it difficult to deform, and with a special fragrance, can drive snakes, worms, rats, ants, worms.

Teak Beautiful ink, beautiful oil shadow constitute a unique natural texture, the more magical is the teak color can be oxidized by photosynthesis golden yellow, and the color of the extension of time and more beautiful.

In China, the most prosperous places on the beach on the permanent beautiful buildings, such as HSBC, customs building, peace hotel, etc., are used in Burma teak decoration, although after a century of vicissitudes, but still intact, bright as new.

In India and Burma, Thailand, some temples in the temple of the plank even more than thousand years throw intact.

Teak is the only plank that does not bend and crack under seawater erosion and sun exposure, and for centuries the teak is considered the most durable wood in the world.

In the marine climate, metal can corrode, wood and metal nails together will be oxidized to black, but teak has natural oil will not happen this situation, the yacht deck made of teak, window bar, frame, molding board and paving material all show its enduring characteristics.

The sailing vessels of Zheng He's voyages were all made of teak.

Teak is produced in Southeast Asian tropical Rain forest, his biggest characteristic is extremely high oil content, so it is not easy to decay, shrink, crack. Because he compact moderate, easy to process, hard wear-resisting. Also has exquisite texture and fragrance such as the hand-feel elegant, called Precious wood in the choice. From luxury yachts to top-class cars, from the Dome of Buckingham Palace to the ground of the Louvre ... For thousands of of years, Teak continues to perform the timeless legend.

Teak in the growth process will naturally form a criss-cross texture, this crisscross texture to solve the wood due to stress caused by deformation, contraction, making teak has a strong stability, can be applied to the geothermal conditions in northern China.