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Teak The Difficulty Of Logging Is Getting Higher And Higher

In 2017, under the influence of many factors, the timber market experienced a wave after wave of price increases. As a high-end wood species, teak price rally more fierce.

According to China's timber price index network monitoring data show that May teak long 2-3m, thick 10-30cm, A-level offer in the 18000-20000 yuan / cubic meters, compared with the same period last year rose 2000-3000 yuan / cubic meter; long 2.2-4m, 5cm thick, A-class (tile city material) offer from the same period last year 18000-20000 yuan / cubic meter rose to 21000-24000 yuan / cubic meter.

Visit the timber market in the process learned that although the recent off-season due to the impact of teak market to buy a slight decline, but its prices continue to be in a high position, the price of the hot market is still unabated.

However, for the rise in the price of teak, the market is a lot of businesses look sad. Lian Sen Wood of the total pointed out that for a large number of stocks of businesses, the price rise for a short time can indeed bring more profits for the enterprise, but from a long-term point of view, this is undoubtedly fatal.

On the one hand, businesses in the inventory consumption is bound to need to supplement the supply, but the upstream raw material prices are unusually high, which means that businesses need to bear more financial pressure, the risk will be greater.

On the other hand, in recent years the domestic macroeconomic development is relatively slow, high-end wood products market downturn, a large number of floor manufacturers closed down, the remaining manufacturers in the most bleak state of operation, capital flow blocked, in order to avoid risks, downstream manufacturers continue to decrease Store volume.

In this case, the substantial increase in the price of teak will be the downstream manufacturers of procurement initiative to cause a certain blow, and then affect the teak market transactions.

"And the market a few years ago the prevalence of 'buy up do not buy down' mentality is different, and now downstream manufacturers hoard goods will not strong, mostly with the use of the main purchase, even if the price of wood rose, it has been very difficult to shock From the downstream manufacturers to buy the desire. "Even the total said.

Teak market supply and demand balance, the market outlook is grim

Reporters learned that, despite the rising prices of teak in recent months, but its supply at this stage is still relatively stable supply, there is no shortage of supply phenomenon.

Insiders pointed out that the 2013 season, crazy roasted goods behavior makes a lot of teak resources into the Chinese market, but the downstream market is difficult to carry the number of such a large amount of teak resources, a large number of sources accumulated in the port area, even after a few years of consumption , The port area of teak is still large, the supply is still more adequate to meet the domestic market demand for two to three years is not a problem.

However, although a short period of time teak can maintain market supply and demand balance, but in view of the teak resources less and less, and the increasing difficulty of logging, marketed teak or will face the grim situation of no goods can be sold, then teak Operating funds, business risks and so will cause great pressure on the enterprise.

In addition, the reduction of resources, the increase in risk also means that the market price of teak will continue to rise, when the acceptance of the domestic market will be lower and lower, teak market share or will continue to decline.