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Teak The More Beautiful The More Beautiful, The Course Of Time

The best thing in the market teak, authentic Burmese teak oil is very high, teak the original color is more inclined to brown, not everyone usually see the golden. Teak flooring board color is made by oxidation of photosynthetic golden yellow, and the color is more beautiful with the extension of time, the difference between the general solid wood flooring long old dull, teak flooring jade like long-term use, not only will not lose luster , And the more the more beautiful, the course of time new.

Adequate sunshine, full photosynthesis is essential to ensure that the teak flooring is evenly natural. Sunny weather, the vast site is an important guarantee for the production of teak flooring. The market is dull or strange Myanmar teak flooring, is to omit this link or grasp is not in place.

Teak drying done after the floor color is more full, three-dimensional color color is strong sense of strong level, the overall effect of pavement obvious, and anti-ultraviolet, not fade, is the best choice for luxury decoration.

Teak sun is very particular about, on the one hand the sun must give the teak watering process, on the other hand the sun time to grasp just right, how many days the sun is not suitable for a fixed number, because the daily sunshine factor are Different, winter and summer is a world of difference, teak flooring in sunny circumstances, spring and summer sun is generally 10-15 days, autumn and winter sun is generally 20-30 days, so out of the teak floor is the most beautiful. But the cost of the board is not uniform enough, the oxidation is not in place, the product will not naturally round the effect of the product quality is also the quality of the product, but also the quality of the product is not the same The decline in sales will naturally be bad, we will reduce the credibility, so that a loss for a business is greater.

1 teak flooring rich in oil and iron, can play moisture, anti-all kinds of mosquitoes, especially corrosion-resistant, and even up to thousands of years does not rot. General large-scale buildings such as HSBC, customs buildings are teak decoration, after a hundred years, now seems to be perfect as new.

2, excellent stability, micro-pinhole solid structure, after a professional dry treatment, so that teak wood flooring that there are strength and toughness, which is a lot of wood can not match.

3, the color of classic generous, golden brown to dark brown, very decorative color effect, ink line soft, oily gorgeous, elegant texture of the atmosphere.

4, teak unique mellow, not only play anti-snake mosquitoes, but also warm the nerves of the nerve, to help sleep, the elderly great benefit.

5, teak floor foot feeling comfortable, very flexible, and timeless, the longer the color the more bright, is the best in the solid wood flooring.