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The Characteristics Of Teak

1, teak is precious, in the natural environment, from growth to yield by at least 50 years, the best and only 1 to 5 trees per acre. And for nearly 10 years, starting at home to promote, as its own mountain or certificate of planting economic forest tree cultivation technology and management has been upgraded, so that time is considerably reduced in 10 years or so of finished, can reach 40 cm in diameter, and yield increased to about 60-70.

2, strong durable teak wood, excellent texture: teak has a good resistance to weathering, in fact, teak teak furniture before use of this feature can be seen in ten years. And in those 10 years, the teak furniture will maintain its beautiful as always. Some people like to use nursing home furniture polishing agent, but such an effect was weathered teak furniture falls far short in comparison. When you use the teak furniture after decades

And you will be surprised of this furniture quality durable and more beautiful.

Expansion contraction for all 3, the smallest wood: it contains, Zheng He's fleet of sailing in volume reached 175 meters long and 65 meters wide, triple-Teak-Hull, and up to 16 separate waterproof closed-cabin, you can load more than 2000 tons of cargo. Materials showed that Chinese people at that time knew that teak under the Sun in the sea, they also know that when exposed to wind, rain or heat, sea water, teak will not shrink. Today, many people choose ships or boats still causes like teak. Due to the teak tree wood experiences such a small contraction, it made the ship a good selection of door and Cabinet.

4, and teak in various environment Xia easily deformation, corrosion and cracking: from many teak floor view this is, teak its micro-pinhole stable structure, makes teak wood floor both strength and has toughness, stability good, General hard hardwood floor loaded good two years yihou winter will appeared larger contraction, gap up 3 to 4 mm; and summer and expansion up drum, appeared larger of loose sound. Teak wood floors are very stable, gap has changed a little.

5, beautiful texture detail: beautiful ink lines, beautiful shadow oil, decorated as a whole constitute a mix of natural textures