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The Use Of Teak

Teak wood is dominated by heartwood and dark brown color, wood containing oil, wood, wood straight muscle slightly coarse. Sapwood is yellowish-white, edges, heartwood make, ring apparently fine, strong mechanical properties, good drying, shrinkage, wood strength, durability and strong resistance to fungus and pests. Teak is native to Myanmar, Thailand, and India the mountains. Sapwood is yellowish-white, while the heartwood is different Brown, pale grey, pale, golden brown. Wood straight, hard, meticulous, touch of materials containing fat, good dry, high durability, all expansion and shrinkage in wood at least one, good dimensional stability. Wood surfaces wood grain appearance elegant, and easy processing, is one of the world's top wood. Taiwan weather the most suitable wood is teak.

Afforestation, ships, vehicles, buildings, sculpture, furniture, and so on.