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Yuzuki Furniture

Teak wood, also known as Yuki, purple teak, annatto, known as the King of trees, is famous in the world of precious wood species.

Teak furniture, in theory, belongs to the luxurious hardwood furniture and mahogany furniture, but because China is not teak, so people recognized on teak furniture is not deep. High grade teak furniture oil on the surface of rich, feel lubrication is strong; revealing planed smooth on the surface color is through photosynthesis, oxidation and Golden luster; delicate ink-rich.

Teak furniture made of teak on the market few; the vast majority of teak teak furniture or is affixed to the framework only, the other part is solid but not teak, and some other parts made up of MDF, this cannot be called pure teak wood furniture, can be called only furniture using teak wood teak wood furniture.